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CoSpace is an environmental coworking space provider in Porvoo, Finland.


Whether you need a desk for a day or private room for a longer period of time, we got you covered.

We provide common office spaces and meeting rooms for companies and individuals.

CoSpace's concept is based on comprehensive, flexible

and convenient service packages that enable customers to to focus on their own activity,  all other

needs are handled by CoSpace's service network.

The 3rd floor is an open office with hot-desks and lounge areas. The 2nd floor has private rooms

for companies of different sizes.  We aim to empower our members professionally and personally and our network is becoming stronger every day.



Great networking opportunities

Get to know new people easily

Many feel that they work more efficiently and are more creative when coworking

Collaboration opportunities

More flexibility, cancel your membership any time

More affordable than renting an office

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